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With OS X Mavericks, websites can now send native desktop push notifications even when the user doesn’t have the website open. For WordPress blog site owners, this can mean your subscribers can find out right when you add a new blog post to your website.

Setting this up from scratch takes a professional developer and many hours of excruciatingly difficult coding. However, there’s a better solution: Pronto Push.

Here’s how to install the Pronto Push WordPress plugin and set up your account:

  1. Install the Pronto Push plugin onto your blog
  2. Go to the Settings tab
  3. Create a Pronto Push account and then create a “channel” for your website
  4. Enter the channel ID and API key onto the Settings tab

That’s it! On the main screen, you can see how many subscribers you have. Whenever you add a new post, your subscribers will instantly receive a notification that opens up the blog post.

For users to subscribe, all they have to do is visit your website. If they’re on Mavericks, they’ll see a popup at the top of the screen that asks them to subscribe to your push notifications. Once they type in their email, they’re ready to roll! Of note, they need to use Safari for the initial setup of Pronto Push.

Lastly, you may even receive additional subscribers since Pronto Push lists out all of the available channels on its website. Luminary has already received many new subscribers – welcome to those who just received a notification for this post!

Pronto Push was built in part by Luminary Web Strategies. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or issues with installation.


About Scott Buscemi

Scott Buscemi is the CEO of Luminary Web Strategies. Known for advocating WordPress and open transparency with clients, he has been developing websites and building strategies for small businesses, physician practices, and graphic designers for many years.

  • Stronzy McNugent

    Pronto Push’s website is down

    • scottbuscemi

      Thanks for letting me know. I’m looking into what happened to the site now…

      • Stronzy McNugent

        It looks like they shut it down, don’t know if permanent. It said that on their Twitter account

      • Stronzy McNugent

        If it’s shut down permanently, are their any alternatives?

        • scottbuscemi

          Take a look at The Next Web’s here:

          I’ll update this piece soon with details on how to set up an “app” using that service instead.

          • Stronzy McNugent

   is a paid app, and theirs no support for Mavericks push notifications

        • alexbleau

          We are preparing to launch a plugin that does this:

  • Rick Byington

    You want Roost: ( With a block of JavaScript you’re up and running, it also has a dashboard to monitor your registrations and messages.

    Here is a video that shows how it works:

    Note, I am a developer at (And I love working here :)