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Welcome to Luminary Web Strategies. As a trusted provider of website development, hosting, and domain registration, we build beautifully designed, easy-to-update websites. Using the popular system WordPress as the infrastructure, our goal is to put you in charge of your site. We give you the power to update your site with ease. For more complex updates, we also offer website maintenance with fast turn-around times.


Our clients range in size from individuals and solopreneurs to multi-national corporations. No project is too small or too large.


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The Luminary Team

Our company is comprised of world class professionals coming together to build easy-to-update WordPress websites, strategize effective online marketing campaigns, and provide superior web hosting, domain registration, and other website services.

Learn From The Pros

If you’ve always wanted to make quick adjustments to the code of your website or make some quick SEO efforts before you head out of the office, join us for a virtual class.

Non-Profit Discount

Non-profit organizations are special. While we cannot contribute to all of the great efforts around the world, we are honored to provide these customers with a simple discount program.